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Hello dear visitor,

You are at the TechSpecNaz Lab company’s site.

Laboratory web site designed for comfortable and efficient stay on it for our users. In modern condit

Our TSN Lab site has been designed for providing visitors with up-to-date, useful, and efficient information. Currently, our main goal is not just the installation of a security system, we really aim for securing, monitoring, and protecting you from any unpredictable situations, but at the same time, we provide you with selecting the equipment that meets some specific functional requirements and needs.

The company TechSpecNaz Lab offers the following equipment:

  • CCTV systems,

  • Security - fire alarm systems,

  • Digital television broadcasting,

  • Automated process control systems,

  • "Smart House"

Easily and quickly find the equipment that you are interested in, pick up the required ones, consult with the experts – the TechSpecNaz Team will help you with all these items.

You can also view the examples of the implemented projects, as well as live broadcasting, IT news, etc.

We are looking forward to your suggestions and comments.

Best regards,

TSN Team


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